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Finding the Perfect Suit for the 4 Most Common Body Types

We have all seen men in suits with sleeves that are either too long or too short, cuts that are outdated, or simply ill fitting in general. This can ruin the look of even the best of suits. The right suits from Men’s Suit Habit will not only make you look great, but won’t cost your whole paycheck either.

To determine the right suit based on your body type follow these steps below.

Suits for Shorter Men

If you are less than 5’7, go for a either a slim or modern fit suit with a two-button jacket. Make sure your jacket ends five to six inches below your hips and that there are no breaks in the trousers (fabric resting on your shoes). Also consider going for medium to dark colored suits. This look typically makes you appear taller and with longer legs, but without the appearance of a short torso.

Suits for Men with a Stocky Build

Skip bold suits or suits with large patterns if you have a stocky build. Instead, opt for vertical pinstripes with a two button jacked. The two button jacked will help highlight your shoulders, while the pinstripes provide a thinning effect by drawing eyes up and down instead of side to side.

Suits for Slim Men

For a slim build, consider going for either slim fit or modern suits. If your goal is to add an appearance of bulkiness to your upper body, consider opting for a double-breasted suit. Simply make sure your jacket has a narrow lapel no wider than 2.5 inches.

Suits for Tall Men

3-button jackets are your best bet for tall men. The third button will make your jacket fit your height, whereas a 2-button suit may elongate your frame even more. Avoid cropped pants and jackets, as they will make it look like you outgrew your suit.

Whatever fabric, color, and brand of suit you like, make sure to get one that fits your body type and attitude. Remember, your attire says a lot about your personality. What do you want it to say?