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Hitting the Right Fashion Notes with your Sports Coat

A beautifully fitting sports coat can give you that suave, debonair yet casually relaxed air that the ladies love and gents covet. It's the perfect way to dress to impress for that day’s outing with best buds or that evening get- together at the café. However, your sports coat can highlight your impeccable sense of style or show up your utter lack of fashion intelligence. Obviously, you want to avoid the latter at any cost. Here are a few tips to use before you start your men’s clothing online shopping for the perfect sports coat.

A choice of materials

Just like the best classic suits, sports blazers that give you that elegant look are often the wool based ones. Both breathable and insulating, woolen sports coats are perfect for the winter months. In summers, you may want to switch to light weight materials, maybe a cotton- linen mix. Mixed fibers give you the advantage of water resistance, solid color combos, and they don’t shrink, which is a big advantage. Polyester is typically best avoided, especially in summer. Seersucker sports coats are trending right now so you may want to check those out when shopping for men’s fashion

Picking the right colors

It’s a sports coat so you really don’t want to go all staid and boring and formal. At the same time, you certainly don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb with a neon green outfit either. Thankfully, there are many colors to pick that showcase your fashion savvy while making sure you are not dressed in drab, lifeless shades. How about a slate gray, stable brown or olive green if you want to go for a color that you typically do not sport in formal men’s suits? Grey shades are particularly easy to match with men shoes of practically any color. The classic navy blue or dark sapphire men’s coats are always winners if you are not sure which color to pick. Whites are trending right now and they are perfect if you want to sport a cool look for the hot summer days coming up ahead.

Even the buttons make a difference

Sports coats come with one, two or three buttons although the most popular ones are the first two. The three button ones tend to make you look shorter and we don’t want that, do we? The simple crisscross design with buttons in two rows are the classic choice. If you are not sure, go for this one. However, these do tend to look a bit formal and dressy. If a casual look is what you are going for, a single button sports coat, worn over a tee with the buttons left undone is a good look to choose from. So have fun with your shopping and keep these tips in mind to pick out that stunner of a sports coat.