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Which Tuxedo Is Right for Your Wedding?

Nowadays, with the rise of casual weddings, grooms are often left contemplating whether they should opt for a suit or stick with the traditional tuxedo. Finding the right attire for your wedding is an important aspect of your big day.

So how do you decide which tuxedo is right for your wedding?
Men's tuxedos come in several different variations: color, lapel style, satin trim, and accessories. Let’s find out which one is the right tuxedo for your wedding.

Why Tuxedos?

Tuxedos are classy by nature and normally saved for special events making them perfect for your wedding day. After all, no event is better suited for a tuxedo than your wedding.

  • A Classy and Cohesive Look

    Choosing a wedding tuxedo over a suit instantly gives you and your groomsmen a classy and cohesive look. The best wedding tuxedos will make you feel as great as you look and will ensure that the groom and his groomsmen are remembered for their stylish and classy looks.

Types of Tuxedos

Finding the right tuxedo for your wedding means choosing from a wide range of styles. Below are some of the best wedding tuxedo styles to choose from.

  • Lapels

    The most common lapel styles you’ll find for a tuxedo are the following: notch lapels, peak lapels, and shawl collars/lapels. Depending on the style you’re going for with your wedding tuxedo, pick the best lapel to fit the look. Peak lapels are more traditional and point upwards in a peak while notch lapels are more modern in design and have a slight notch. Conversely, shawl collar lapels offer a retro yet elegant look.

  • Colors

    Tuxedos come in a wide variety of colors. You can find the traditional black, navy, and gray wedding tuxedos as well as ones in vibrant colors and patterns. The color you pick for your wedding tuxedo should match the overall theme and design aesthetic of your wedding.

  • Satin Trim

    The right tuxedo for your wedding may or may not include a satin lapel and/or satin trim — the choice is yours. For a more classic look, you may want to opt for the satin trims on your mens tuxedo.

  • Accessories

    Two of the most common accessories for the best wedding tuxedos are ties and cummerbunds. Whether you decide to include these in your wedding tuxedo look is ultimately up to you, but keep in mind that adding a tie and cummerbund will make your mens tuxedo look instantly more traditional.